* This video is an MSI promotional video for their "All-in-One Touch PC Model AE2420". This model is a step up from the unit specs available at CAVS USA, Inc. If you would like this big, beefier version then let us know and we will custom order it directly from CAVS.

Introducing the CAVS TB-101 Touchscreen Karaoke System

The Cavs Karaoke TB-101 Touchscreen is a fully  integrated, all-in-one interactive intuitive computer loaded with CAVS USA's new Cavs Karaoke Hoster Software. Sophistication meets elegant design, in a compact but powerful computer system package. Through research and consumer input, CAVS has combined their ultimate karaoke software (CAVS Hoster)  with the MSI Wind Top computer system to bring the ultimate in computer karaoke interaction.

Cavs Karaoke and MSI Touchscreen Computer

Touch, drag, and drop, all on one large 21.5 inch high definition widescreen monitor. You can fly through song searches, drag pictures into the program that you want to use as backgrounds for karaoke lyrics, even raise and lower “sliders” on the on-screen equalizer, using precise fingertip gestures. Having this gesture feature allows you to have full, spot-on, snap to control over the CAVS Karaoke Hoster software, without having to guild a mouse pointer to an object, or mistakenly clicking on something you did not mean to. We feel that the CAVS Karaoke Hoster is indeed better suited for this type of karaoke system, due to the fact that all of the adjustment features actually look like real controls on a mixing console.

The Karaoke Hoster itself is feature-rich, including basic controls such as volume and balance, to more karaoke-specific controls like Key and Tempo. The above mentioned equalizer controls allow 8 discreet trim levels, and a custom pre-amp level setting.

The actual playback controls are karaoke simple. Play, stop, previous and next buttons, which affect disc playback as well as hard drive playback. Once again, all at your fingertips.

The CAVS Hoster also has video and picture manipulation, which allows you to add custom backgrounds, or screensavers for karaoke playback, as well as separate foreground and background control buttons to enable or disable lyrics or backgrounds on the fly. All at a touch!

Cavs Karaoke Touchscreen Computer Backgrounding

Song searches are made simple and quick, with on-screen finger gestures, such as the upward and downward flick, which allows rapid scrolling through numerous song entries, a feature found similar to newer touchscreen smartphones.

The Karaoke Hoster allows you to organize where your music files are stored, whether it's on a separate hard drive or if it's within the computer itself. Displayed conveniently on the left panel area, you actually can see where your song entries are stored at and you can go in between folders on the fly. You can also create playlists and store singer history using the playlist "Save" feature.

The CAVS Hoster also features exclusively to this TB-101 player, a “virtual Keyboard”. This feature is also similar to touchscreen smartphones, by posting a full layout keyboard on-screen! This allows you to type in a search, right on the screen, kiosk-style. This keyboard is precise, and can also be hidden within reach, or switched on and off with a touch.

The top end feature that finally sets the CAVS Karaoke Hoster apart from all others is the Hoster’s ability to play just about every commonly used digital karaoke format available today! Even discs like CD+G’s and the CAVS specific Super CD+G can be fired up using the slot load disc drive built into the side of the TB-101. This allows for the ultimate in custom karaoke collections. Many people have mixed collections of CD+Gs and Super CD+Gs, and have ran into the problem of having songs on one format but not on the other. This is no longer a problem with the TB-101.

The CAVS Hoster allows on the spot capture of a CD+G and Super CD+G files, allowing you to quickly and efficiently build your own custom library and not have to worry about songs that a certain disc does not have. Just capture them all! If you have a hard drive library of the ever popular MP3+G format, throw those in, too! Are they zipped files? No problem. Grab a zipped file with one finger and drop it straight into your playlist! This multi-format feature takes the worries out of having to constantly convert one disc into a format or switch from one digital format to another. This is by far the best feature about the TB-101, and can all be done with simple finger gestures.

The TB-101 system is so powerful, it can be used just to supplement your other CAVS format karaoke players! The TB-101 features an Intel Core i3 processor, part of Intel’s 2010, 2011 processor lineup. A very powerful yet efficient tool in today’s technology. Four gigs of DDR3 also is more than is needed, but there to use when needed. Storage space is expandable, starting at 640 gigabytes of space. High Definition ready HDMI out provides a single, combined fully digital sound and video line to a secondary display. Windows 7 and an ATi high definition display adapter makes karaoke possible on today’s flat panel tvs and monitors.

Cavs Karaoke All New Touchscreen Computer
Cavs Karaoke Touchscreen Slim Design

The CAVS TB-101 is not just a karaoke player, it is a Karaoke Experience like no other, and ushers CAVS Karaoke into todays new era of  karaoke interaction. The next generation of Karaoke is here and now! CAVS Touchscreen TB-101!

 This is a terribly cool piece of equipment. But, it is a very specific type of computer that costs a little more than a CAVS Premium laptop. Our Staff would like to talk to our customers before ordering this unit from CAVS USA to make sure that they are 100% sure  that a "touchscreen" is what they should have to meet their specific needs. Feel free to call our Tech or Sales Department


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