MadProAudio Cleveland Ohio History

MadProAudio is an on-line Pro Audio DJ and Karaoke Equipment System store that specializes in custom built systems for mobile DJs, karaoke hosts, bars and clubs.   We even have the foremost expert Church/Club Installation Team that has been doing installations since
the 1970's. 

The biggest reason why Madproaudio is so different from all others is because we boldly claim to dislike what SALES traditionally stands for.  This industry is riddled with HYPE & misleading information about equipment.  Let's face it.  We live in a world today where customer service is a distant 2nd. to pricing.
Price Price Price is what these salespeople know the consumer wants.  So that's what they give them.  Then America wonders why your mom & pop stores are gone, why companies don't care about the problems after the sale.  & in the defense of the salespeople that play the price game to get your money.  They simply CAN'T afford to care about longterm customer service.  Consumers who choose the cheapest price must live with the absense of real customer service.

IF you would rather shop somewhere where people care from start to finish and well beyond the sale.  Then you have found the place to shop.  True, we most likely sell 1/100th. of many other sellers due to our refusal to play the salesgame.  We simply hold out hope there are still people out there that truly care about the in depth experience that comes with us.

Go to the BBB.ORG and type in MADPROAUDIO and you will see customer reviews that you will NEVER see anywhere else no matter how many competitors you look at.