MPA Privacy&Return Policy

MadProAudio adheres to the following Privacy and Store Return Policies. We must make it clear at the beginning that there is NO return of CD music. This is an industry standard to guard against piracy of music by those shady-type people. Thank you.

First and foremost.  Unlike so many other sellers in this country.  We REFUSE to EVER share customer information with any 3rd. party.  We shop online too and nothing we hate more is when our information is sold to 3rd. party vendors.  So trust that this will never happen!

It is MadProAudio's policy to NOT collect any customer information with regards to banking, credit card numbers or any financial information of any kind. Any financial information received when processing a purchase IS NOT stored in any database by MadProAudio or any of it's affiliates. Financial information will never be given to anyone outside of our office by MadProAudio or their Staff. In the instance that your financial information must be given to an outside agency (i.e, for financing by an outside lending institution (bank or similar)), MadProAudio WILL NOT deal with the lending institution on the customer's behalf. Therefore, it is the customer's responsibility to provide financial information to the institution, directly. Credit card or banking numbers that are used to purchase goods or services from MadProAudio are retained with a copy of the receipt in paper form and filed with the receipt after purchase. Receipts DO NOT show the entire number for accounts.

Personal information outside of a sale will only be collected on a voluntary basis. Becoming a member of any part of this site or filling out any questionaire constitutes voluntary acceptance for MadProAudio to store any non-financially related info given by the customer (i.e. Guestbook signing, member log-in, ). This still does not mean that MadProAudio will give, sell, or disseminate any customer information to any outside agencies. All information supplied by the customer WILL ONLY be used in an effort to provide the customer with information related to MadProAudio's services, sales, newsletters, or to inform our customers of specials offered by our outside suppliers (i.e. company fliers). MadProAudio will also use our complete customer database to inform our customers of upcoming specials and to stay in touch with our valued customers.

At any time, a customer may request (in writing via e-mail) to be deleted from any list that MadProAudio has compliled for marketing purposes. Deletion from our sales database is not possible due to legal requirements for accounting purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these policies, feel free to contact MadProAudio by e-mail or by the listed phone number on our site's homepage.


 We specialize in custom systems.  Unless exceptions made, all customized packages are non-refundable
unless we make a special consideration and allow you to return with a 10-25% restocking fee accessed.

All new equipment unless otherwise stated will have a 30day free exchange.  No refunds on shipping cost.
or cost of shipping back to manufacturer or us.  Please also note that even if somethings says free shipping.
The cost of shipping it is still very real and we will deduct this off of any refunds we authorize.  Example of
free shipping ad:  Let's say you have a player you purchased for $299.99 with free shipping in the ad.
Chances are our cost to ship that player was anywhere between $14.95-24.95 depending upon where we ship it in the main 48 US States.  So you would deduct the amount paid for shipping off off the original price when considering credit for other product or refunds. 

Cannot return anything unless you receive written authorization by us or we cannot be held responsible for something you returned to our office/manufacturer without first setting up a return authorization. 

Certain prodcuts/advertisement come with a 14 day return policy with a 10-25% restocking fee. This is a
case by case evaluation.  

As much as we hate to say this.  We did not build the product, nor is it your fault if it is defective.  Yet you must understand that the inherit risk when shopping online is that you do not have the luxary of walking the product back in.  If you need something expedited, you must pay fees to do this.  Or else the standard procedure is to return the product, it is inspected, then a replacement is sent if it is defective.  If inspected and something is missing from original package/condition.  Or if product is working fine and not defective.   We must access fees for this as well.  Our reputation clearly shows we go above and beyond for our customers.  Be fair and you will see that we always help beyond normal standards.  The world is not perfect.  We work hard to feed our families too.