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MadProAudio does a lot of things well. But, knowing karaoke equipment has got to be in the top three things we do best. Our staff has been specializing in everything karaoke since 2001 and is good enough to be the Mid-West distributors for all CAVS Karaoke equipment. We sell karaoke machines and players and mic mixers and mixing amplifiers and spit sponges and mic clips and throat spray and karaoke specific speakers and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. We sell it all. If you look at any of our karaoke system auctions, you will see that we build systems that could possibly have anything in them to help you out at a show. But, if you just want a karaoke player for your home, we've got the best on the market, too. The manufacturers that we carry are reputable in the karaoke industry and the equipment they provide is dependable across all price-points. A few examples are (obviously) CAVS USA, Audio2000, Best Media, VocoPro. Also, what we do is carry serious live-sound manufacturers to make your karaoke sound as good as it possibly can and your show run as smoothly as ever. You will find FX mixing boards from Allen & Heath; microphones from EV, AudioTechnica and Shure; vocal effects generators from Lexicon, karaoke laptops and custom built karaoke computers with either the CAVS Hoster software or Saks & Doty, PCDJ Karaoke, OTS Karaoke or CompuHost. We know it all and can recommend the right product for your situation.

(We sell  a lot more items than you'll see in our store)

karaoke Mixers and Mixing Amps from Audio2000, Allen & Heath . . . Karaoke Speakers from Audio2000, EV, QSC, Gemini . . .
Karaoke Laptops, Computers, Cavs Hoster Program, Saks Karaoke Players, All-in-One Machines, Karaoke Consoles . . .

Once again, we are unable to sell directly from this site until we set up our inventory and shopping cart (which we are finding out takes an awful long time). Feel free to call us at 216-251-4444 if you see anything that peeks your interest in the pictures below. Or you can go to our EBay store by clicking on that ugly dude above this. We have the absolute best reputation out of all the companies that specialize in karaoke equipment on EBay. That's how we got our completely filled in 5 stars for customer feedback. Thank you from the Staff.

Here is some karaoke equipment that will be available through our site in the future.

If you didn't notice, there are many items in the pictures above that might be considered "DJ Equipment". Well, when you build as many karaoke systems as we do, the line between DJ Equipment and Karaoke Equipment doesn't exist. It's simply that DJ Equipment doesn't do karaoke. But, karaoke equipment mo

Be sure to tell us which site you found us on as we wish to honor all platforms that we are afforded the opportunity to sell on.  Example;  If you originally found us on XYZ site, we need to know.   

Cavs Karaoke Touchscreen All-In-One Computer

Cavs Karaoke Player 203g USB Super CDG w/Music

Karaoke Speaker Package, Audio2000, Speaker Stands, Bag

Karaoke Player Package, Wireless Mics, Music

Karaoke Amplifier, Mixing Amp, Audio2000 w/Corded Mics


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