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CAVS USA and Computer Makers like MSI Bring You the CAVS PO101 Laptop Karaoke Computer

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Cavs Karaoke Laptops by MSI, Toshiba, Dell, Acer
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The CAVS Karaoke Laptop Computer, PO101 (Cavs USA: Powerful Laptop PC) is on the "Better" level of CAVS' new karaoke laptop computer line (The "Best" in the laptop line is available and recommended for the serious DJ or Karaoke Host that wants a laptop that goes WAY beyond the norm). As with any laptop computer that MadProAudio installs the Cavs Hoster Software on, the PO101 level package is delivered to you with dependability in mind.

With laptop computer technology marching onward, MadProAudio can finally say that laptop computers are at the dependability and durability level to recommend them for use running a professional karaoke or DJ show. That's why, after a year of recommendations from our Staff to the software design team at CAVS USA, CAVS has launched a line of laptops that meet the specifications to best run their new edition software of The CAVS Hoster Program and ANY DJ program you can think of, simultaneously. With split-screen capabilities, you will be able to efficiently launch a karaoke graphics screen, run the CAVS Hoster Program and surf your favorite DJ program (we recommend OTS) with glitchless operations. . TIME AND TIME AGAIN.

Updated information after the cavs laptops have been out for 2yrs. now.
We are well known for being as honest as it gets and we are going to give you the pros and cons to the Cavs software.

1.  If you own cavs scdg disc, cavs mcg files.  Then this is the software
     to use.

2.  Cavs seems to be the ONLY karaoke software that is worked on EVERY
     single week.  Comes with a negative drawback where there are more
     glitches that you can run into.  Yet there is no way around that when
     you are continually adding features to the software. 

3.  Software has a lot more going on inside of it than other softwares
     which makes it appear harder on the surface when you look at it.
     Yet once again, if they are going to put so much into the software
     and continually update it, you take the good with the bad.  When
     you actually learn the features, that's when you actually say:
     "Oh, that was not hard at all".

4.  We also have noted that we prefer certain laptops. You can speak
     to us regarding our choices. 

5.  Even though cavs also has their cheapest model which is only $599.
     We want to stress that we only reccomend it for home use.  We
     honestly believe that cavs is introducing new features at such a rate
     that their $749-949 units are better suited for long term use.  &
     if you add dj into the mix, then we ALWAYS suggest the higher end

Here's some info from Cavs Usa and our Tech Guys


    * Dual Screen Karaoke - KJ Control Panel with independent controls and             monitoring.
    * Play CD+G, MP3+G, MCG, NCG, Super CD+G, AVI, WMV songs from HDD.
    * Play C
D+G, Super CD+G,  MP3 and CD discs.
    * Encodes and stores CD+G and Super CD+G discs into HDD.
Store up to 125,000 songs.
    * Instant Song search by Category, Title, Singer, or Number.
    * Support all international languages and songs.
    * Volume control, Tempo control, Digital key control, Program, Cancel
    * 8-Segment Equalizer with 4 pre-settings and rest.
* Manager program for easy song data and song list management.
    * Background Image Display (Movie, Still pictures, Webcam).

Cavs Karaoke Laptops are ALL 64 bit w/Windows 7


MicroStar International (MSI) A6200

CPU: Intel Mobile Core i3-350m @ 2.26 Ghz. This dual-core processor is part of the Newest Intel lineup of processors, designed to be ultra-efficient, low temperature and high performance.

Operating Memory: 4gb of DDR3, newest memory architecture, enhances what you do in Windows.

Storage Memory (Hard Drive): 500 gig internal hard drive. Large capacity makes sure you have more than enough room to store whatever you need on this laptop.

Monitor\Screen type: 15.6" inch 16:9 style widescreen HD panel, with LED Backlighting that enhances picture sharpness and corner lighting.

Video\Graphics card: Intel Graphics Media Accelerator HD. This is what controls the quality of your content on screen. This card setup is guaranteed to post Karaoke lyrics and to a secondary screen, via an on board VGA plug, or HDMI (High Definition) outputs.

Internet\Network Interface: Wireless is handled with a wireless B\G\N on-board card. Connect to your favorite wi-fi hotspots easily and access the 'Net on the go! A LAN connection is also featured for hard wire home connections.

Battery: A 6-cell battery gives you 5 hours of usage. The cool thing about using a laptop is if you should ever lose power durring a show, the laptop itself (personally my vote for most important part of your system) will not shut down. The laptop will continue to run and allow you to shut down correctly without risking damage to the windows system, or inturruption of Hard Drive activity. It is no secret that pulling the plug on a computer is an absolute No No, for risk of damaging the Hard Drive.

Disc drive: A multi format DV burner rounds out the features of this laptop. This burner also supports dual layer format discs.

Operating System: How you communicate with your computer is probably hands down it's most important feature. It's like a 50\50 partnership. Fortunately there is Microsoft Windows 7. This MSI laptop features the 64 bit Home Premium version of Windows 7. This arrangement was geared specifically for the "Entertainment Laptop" segment and works very well with this laptop package. Windows 7 makes operating every task easier than before, and faster than ever.

Through an agreement with MSI (Micro-Star Int'l Co.), CAVS USA (CAVS USA Inc.) is able to bring you the reliability of one of the top gaming laptop manufacturers in the world and provide you with the comfort of two avenues of support for your new MSI/CAVS laptop. One from MSI and one from CAVS USA. MadProAudio also understands that some of our customers will need after hour support with questions concerning the CAVS operations in these computers. So, please ask us about our One-Year "Qualified CAVS Tech" Package with the sale of ANY CAVS computer-related product.


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