MadProAudio (Cleveland, OH) and Cavs USA, the Leader in Digital Karaoke players, computers and laptops  are happy to announce that MadProAudio is now, the Ohio and Mid-West Distributor for the entire catalog of CAVS USA products; including the Cavs JB 199 II, Cavs 203g & 203g USB, 105g USB, Cavs Karaoke software and the IPS 11g digital karaoke interface. Our Mad Staff has been with CAVS Karaoke since it was just a tiny California company trying to sell their cool new karaoke player with Super CDG technology in the U.S. Our staff has worked hand-in-hand with the owner of CAVS Karaoke since 2001 and have the highest level of customer support second only to CAVS.  Your feedback regarding any CAVS Karaoke product has a direct shot into the owner's ear and it is greatly welcomed.  MadProAudio worked hard to become 1 of 3 CAVS Karaoke Distributors in the U.S. and we plan on keeping that title with our customers' and resellers' help. Click on any of the Cavs Karaoke product pictures at the bottom of this page to go to that products page.

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a Little History About What Our MadProAudio Staff has been through with CAVS, USA Inc.

With CAVS USA's introduction of their Karaoke Super CDG (SCDG) format technology being launched with their own line of karaoke players around the beginning of the "American Idol" frenzy, people were bound to want as many karaoke songs as they could get their hands on to make sure they have those special tracks that make people sound like "Stars" (and without having to carry around 500 CDGs to do that). CAVS sold an absolute gajillion of these players that supported their proprietary formatted media and quickly pulled away from all other karaoke machine manufacturers in THE WORLD. Then, in CAVS' effort to make singing karaoke even easier and faster, CAVS Karaoke took the storage capacity of Super CDGs and went a step further and came out with the JB 99 Computer Hard Drive Karaoke Machine to be able to just leave those karaoke disks at home, altogether. But, once again, technology pushes hard.

MadProAudio has always listened to their karaoke customers and has
no problem  telling CAVS Karaoke where to go. . Design-wise.

Since 2005, each of our MadPro department heads has had their mouth at CAVS ear after the launching of the JB 199 Rackmountable Karaoke Computer for professional and home use. It wasn't a bad machine; it just did so much because it was now a full blown computer and computers need support. MadProAudio's primary IT Tech is a "Certified Gold" CAVS Karaoke technician and has been through everything that CAVS can throw at a technician. This is because he has been in the trenches of CAVS karaoke computer support ever since CAVS USA launched the JB 199 and now, the JB 199 II. But, once again, technology plugs away and our customers kept asking "When is CAVS going to put out a laptop"? . . Well, Here they are.

Along with CAVS' newly launched Hoster Program (factory loaded) on one of their 5 lines of laptop or touchscreen computers, CAVS USA has stepped up to the plate and given what the market has asked for, again: . . Laptops. , Who knows what's next?

Our MadProAudio Staff would like to thank you for your time and we hope you look at all of the CAVS Karaoke products and give us a call if you have any questions about Karaoke, DJ Equipment or any other type of pro audio equipment.

The pictures below are links to their respective Cavs Karaoke equipment pages:

Cavs Karaoke 203g & 203g USB Super CDG Player

Cavs Karaoke 105g USB Karaoke Player Machine

Cavs JB 199 II Premier Professional Karaoke Computer


Cavs Karaoke Laptop Computer Economy to Deluxe Models

Cavs Karaoke Touchscreen All-In-One Computer

MadProAudio designs systems to fit your requests and budget. This is an example of a system we profiled in an auction for easy portability and set-up. Click the picture below to go directly to our "Professional Karaoke Systems" page.

EZ Mobile Karaoke DJ System 2


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