Cavs JB 199 II Premier Professional Karaoke Computer

The CAVS JB 199 II Premier Pro Karaoke & DJ Computer is CAVS USA's flagship shelf or rackmount Digital Karaoke DJ Computer. Since the launch of the CAVS' JB 99 karaoke hard drive player in 2000, CAVS has continued to provide new karaoke equipment to both  professional KJs and serious karaoke enthusiasts like the JB 199 II which can run your karaoke show and DJ show simultaneously. There is no one in the karaoke computer market that can touch the GrandFather of Karaoke Computers; CAVS USA, INC.

With the dependability of the Intel Pentium Dual Core Processor and the dual hard drive system, running your CAVS JB199 II computer with no glitches is a snap. The CAVS JB 199 II Premier is delivered to your door with the "KJ Control Panel" and "Digital Jukebox" programs installed for immediate management of all your CDG, Super SCDG, MP3, CDRs, ... etc. songs (DJ music, also. (100,000 song standard load)) and will allow you to have ultimate control over your karaoke show with it's dual screen system set-up. (That means the KJ can view what the singer sees in a small window on the show-management screen. This is especially nice when you're under-laying a camera shot of the person or the crowd from a video camera that's patched directly into the JB199II Premier Computer). Madproaudio does offer different music packages.  One of the most important things to remember when shopping. "ASK QUESTIONS" about where the seller gets their music from.  We have had many consumers think we could not compete properly because other sellers are peddling loaded drives with ridiculous amounts of songs.
Do you actually think we can't compete?  Or do you think if we armed you with all the right questions to ask any seller, that you may start to see a clearer picture of WHY we CAN'T offer what others do. 

For complete details on the features of the CAVS JB 199 II Premier Karaoke & DJ Computer, please visit CAVS JB-199 II Premier page by clicking on the image at the beginning of this page for a lot more info on this work-horse of a computer.

MadProAudio is the top seller of all CAVS karaoke products. If you are looking for the less expensive JB 199 II computer karaoke player or another piece of CAVS karaoke equipment.


    * Superimpose video inputs from a DVD player or video camcorder for BGV. (optional cable required)

    * Play DVD, Video CD, CD+G, MIDI, CD songs from internal memory (e.g. hard drive) of JB-199 II Server.

    * Play Super CD+G, CD+G, MIDI, and CD discs*.

    * Store up to 100,000 songs (optional capacity).

    * Capture CD+G, Super CD+G and CD songs directly from discs (No need for PC).

    * Instantly record and make custom audio CDs*.

    * Connect to LAN network or Internet for remote management

    * Dual disc drives for easy quick disc loading*.

    * Instant Song search by category,title,singer,or number.

    * Volume control, Sync control, Tempo control, Digital key control, Voice cancel, Repeat, Random, Fanfare, Score

    * Program, Cancel, Priority program, Preset Tempo and Key, Change queue order, Call next in queue

    * Silence gap remover, Continuous/Single Play, A-B loop, Location (6) finder, Fast forward, Fast backward.

    * 8-Segment Equalizer with 6 pre-settings and rest.

    * JB-199 serise Manager program for easy song data and song list management

    * Background video (BGV) from internal video files, still images, and external USB camera

Cavs Karaoke JB 199 II Entry Level Computer            Cavs Karaoke JB 199 II Server System - Main Satellite Hub                 

CAVS USA has developed three models in the JB199 II family to accommodate your budget, functions and demand. The CAVS JB199 II Deluxe Karaoke Computer is the basic version of the JB199 II Premier System. This unit delivers the same ease of doing a flawless karaoke show as the JB199 II Premier. But, it DOES NOT come with the show management software or suped-up drive system that the JB199II Premier unit comes with.

And, lastly, if you plan on setting up a
karaoke cafe or you need an easy to use multi-servicing hub for, say, your $15-a-pop recording booths at your local flea market, then you REALLY need to look at
Cavs JB 199 II Server System.The JB 199 II Server can manage 9 other remote JB 199II locations w/the same library and control system. Saving you an enormous amount of money and maintenance issues for 10 independent JB199 units.

MadProAudio can complete your system with whatever size LEGAL song library you would like. . But, we can guarantee that you DO NOT want to pay the price for 75,000 karaoke songs on disk, even though Joe Blow, with NO DISKS, has. . It's too expensive and filled with an absolute TON of REPEATS. . So, if you are looking at any  CAVS JB 199II computer that comes with a bazilion songs for a little over the price of an empty unit (adve
rtised or offered after contact), be VERY SKEPTICAL of the legality of the hard drive you're purchasing. .  (MadProAudio is a firm believer that the karaoke and DJ music pirates have devalued ALL KJs and DJs by making their most important aspect of their performance worthless (The music)). . . AND, TO OUR KNOWLEDGE, THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A DIGITAL LICENSE TO GET AROUND COPYRIGHT LAWS OR THE DIGITAL MILLENNIUM ACT. Thank you for supporting legal karaoke.

CAVS Karaoke JB-199 II Computer w/Wireless Mics and More                                          CAVS PREMIER JB 199 II SPECIAL


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